Commercial+Art: Collaboration


When I first start to do these eight weeks of research, I always have those questions in my head: What art can be? How does art enter the commercial world? What collaboration can art make with?

During the past eight weeks, I explore my view of the non-graphic design area. Based on the definition of Commercial art, it is the art of creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising. However, in my personal view, art and commercial can be seen as separate things, but also can be seen as one thing with the plus sign. Art can fit into the commercial world in various ways. I interpret the keyword between art and commercial is collaboration.

Art can be seen as a fine art piece in the exhibition.

Cristina Tofino conveys stories through the tactility and subjectivity of clay. I am inspired by how Tufino uses porcelain works to show the human torso and call upon past experience or emotion to the audience. The evolvement from personal experience, as well as the human body, and finally become the drawing of sculptures. It inspired me to think about how to convey emotions or stories through different shapes or forms.

Art can also collaborate with commercial goods.

I like to see how those Matisse’s style paintings corporates with the commercial brand, including, food, clothes, store decoration. Culver develops her personal style by using imperfect shapes, muted color, and bold composition to tell the narrative. She makes the design practices based on her personal observation of the world. Culver also did some collaboration with different brands, such as Sweetgreen, coach’s art of signature, Warby Parker at Grand Central terminal.

Art can also be tied to music and computer science.

Alexander Chen’s Beach Bell

Alexander Chen uses Javascript changing vocal pitch into simple visualization. I watch his work from eyeo 2017. His works combine music, design, and coding. I am fascinated with Chen’s Beach Bell. It is a visualization of Beach Boys vocals inspired by the physics of church bells. The symbol of the different circles has a mathematical correlation with pitch. I like to see the mathematical relationship between string length and pitch, which highlights the music’s structure and subtle shifts.

Since Alexander Chen works for Google Creative lab, he creates a project that changes the Google logo became a musical instrument. He built a functional prototype in Javascript and HTML5, sampling his own Les Paul guitar in the studio. That google logo launched on June 9th, 2011, and become the home page for google during that day.

Art can also do collaborate with fashion brands.

It is so impressive for me to see the collaboration between Raymond Pettibone and Dior. It incorporates 70s punk rock into fashion ready-to-wear. Pettibon has looseness in his work and it gives the energy for the audience to look closer and imagine the scene. Just like whet Pettibone says, fashion and art meet together like a finely knit sweater.

In Jacquemus’s design career, he incorporates the rural lifestyle into his ready-to-wear and accessories line. In the debut of SS 2018 “LA BOMBA”, I am fascinated with how Jacquemus presents the new line as an ode to his childhood memories. From the handbags to the effortlessly dresses, to the statement earrings inspired by the door handles of Jacquemeus’s grandparent’s house, the whole collection makes the normal object and ordinary life become fun and creative screen take.

Jacquemus’s Women/Spring 2018 La Bomba Collection

After the 8 weeks of research, I explore the boundaries or definitions between the art and the commercial worlds. It also pushes me to think about the possibility of combining unrelated or irrelevant things together. it inspires me with multiple ideas that I could go with. Such as making a process based on observation, conveying emotions or stories through shapes or forms, and finding intersections of art with different subjects.

Here is the video of my response to the over past eight weeks of research.



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